Autologous Fat Transplantation


One of the hottest new trends in plastic surgery today is autologous fat transplantation. Translated into plain English, this means liposuction of fat from areas that are unwanted and reinjecting the fat into areas where the patient desires augmentation. For instance, many of us at middle age have learned that, as we age, our faces become more hollow and our waistlines thicker. Autologous fat transplantation is a wonderful way to get back at Mother Nature’s cruel trick.

Small incisions are made in areas such as the abdomen, hips or along the waistline; then a local anesthetic is injected and small cannulas attached to the syringes are used to extract fatty tissue. This is done in a careful manner to avoid injury in the cells and is processed by centrifuging syringes. Centrifuging allows for separation of the pure fat cells from non-living tissue such as water, blood or local anesthetic. Once the fat cells have been harvested, they are transferred into small syringes and injected into the desired area such as the lips, nasolabial folds, cheeks and jaw line. Because the fat is scattered throughout the recipient tissue, it survives by borrowing from the nutrients and oxygen of the surrounding tissues until its own capillary blood supply is established. Once this has taken place, thextransplant and tissue is there for good, unlike injections with other manmade substances that requireperiodic reinjection.

The surgery is simple and can be done under a local anesthetic with conscious sedation and recovery is quick. Minor bruising and swelling is expected and most patients who have the lips injected experience a greater amount of swelling. Within two or three weeks, however, all patients look excellent and can enjoy the results for a lifetime.