“A New Beginning”

A mastectomy does not mean you'll be disfigured. Breast reconstruction help restore your body to near normal.

The news made you numb, sick and scared all at the same time. First, you were told that your mammogram was abnormal. Then, you were told they could not rule out cancer during the follow-up visit. Now, you’re waiting for the results of the biopsy. And you’re alternating between hope that it’s nothing and panic that it’s cancer.

You’ve been reading about breast cancer and know the odds of surviving are good, especially if the cancer has been detected at an early stage. But that leaves you with another worry. Will you lose a breast?

You’re wondering what the rest of your life would be like without a breast. Would men still find you attractive? And what about plastic surgery? Would that help restore your confidence as well as your breast?

The answer is yes. Breast reconstruction has come a long way and the earlier you think about it, the better the results and the greater the likelihood that your own skin and nipple can be used to restore your breasts to near normal after a lumpectomy, trauma or mastectomy. It can take one of two forms – implant based. Or Dr. Rehnke may be able to take tissue from another part of your body to help form your new breast. So be sure to discuss the future with your oncologist and Dr. Rehnke.

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