“Bigger, Please”

You can increase the size and shape of your breasts - with or without implants.

Did you spend the summer the way you have every summer of your life since you reached puberty – envying those big-breasted women sunning themselves on Clearwater Beach? If so, then breast augmentation may be for you.

In the old days, women who wanted bigger breasts simply got implants with varying results. These days, breast augmentation is more of an art that might involve implants. But more likely, it can be done without implants – or with a smaller one than in the past because Dr. Rehnke can take fat from another part of your body and use it to make your breasts fuller. (How great is that? Someone’s finally putting that fat to good use.)

Breast augmentation (or breast enhancement or breast enlargement), more formally known as augmentation mammoplasty, isn’t just for the flat-chested among us. It’s also good to restore breast volume lost as we age, or lose weight, or after pregnancy.

Done right, breast augmentation can restore, or contribute, to self-confidence and a better body and body image. It can also improve the overall proportions of your figure. And, of course, it can make your breasts bigger.

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