For patients who are happy with the shape of their breasts but simply want to enlarge them; who feel a bigger size and a bit more cleavage would compliment their figure, let’s talk about breast augmentation.


We use either saline or silicone implants depending on the patient’s desire and what we feel would work best for them. This operation can be performed using different approaches or incisions. Commonly in our practice we use an incision under the arm pit area (endoscopic breast augmentation). Other options include incisions under the breasts (inframammary fold), or on the edge of the areola, which is the dark skin that surround the nipple. Regardless of where we make the incision, the implants are either placed under the pectoralis muscle or on top of the pectoralis muscle (commonly referred to as the chest muscle or your pecs).

In order to get a good result with an implant under the muscle, the muscle must be supple and soft enough to stretch and cover the implant. The reason for using a sub-muscular implant would be to hide the edge of the implant, which is much more important in a saline implant than a softer silicone implant.

Because silicone achieves a soft, natural look when placed on top of the muscle, it is often suggested when this technique is used. One reason we might choose to place the implant on top of the muscle is that it leads to a much quicker recovery. There’s less invasiveness involved in the surgery, and less distortion of the implant itself when we go on top of the muscle. Another important consideration is cleavage. If a patient has very wide-set breasts and is seeking to achieve as close a cleavage as possible, its better to go on top of the muscle with the implant.

Breast procedures are done in our operating facility in our office and typically takes one to two hours, followed by an hour of recovery time after which the patient can go home. Most patients are completely recovered and able to return to work in a week. However we ask that they wait three weeks before getting involved in heavy lifting or strenuous work or exercise at the gym.

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Click the link below for important information from the FDA regarding breast implants.


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