Many patients, in addition to desiring a fuller larger breast, want a perkier breast as well. They may have problems with sagging or deflation caused by  pregnancy or gravities effect over time. This is extremely common.


When we see a patient such as this we recommend a breast lift, or what we call a mastopexy. This usually involves tightening the breast and tightening the skin that surrounds the breast and therefore requires the presence of scars. We can break the types of breast lifts or mastopexies into several different categories.

If all that is needed is to position the nipple itself upward then we may use a mini breast lift, crescent lift or a doughnut mastopexy as they are sometimes called. These are smaller operations that use an incision on the upper edge of the areola or around the areola itself to lift and tighten the breast.

However, many times the breast gland itself is sagging below the nipple and below the fold under the breast called the inframammary fold. To lift and shape this type of breast will involve a more extensive scar. The most common scar that we use is a lollipop scar, sometimes referred to as a vertical mastopexy. This uses the scar around the areola but also straight down to the bottom of the breast. This is very effective when combined with a breast implant at restoring fullness, shaping the breast and lifting it.

Some patients will require a keyhole or anchor shaped scar which is an incision around the areola straight down and in the crease under the breast. This technique will achieve maximum tightening and lifting. Sometimes I have patients who are reluctant to accept such a scar on their breast. What I have discovered over the years is that if we use the right size implant and the right lifting procedure we’ll achieve the best size and shape for that patient. That’s far more important than the scar. Most patients heal with a very good scar especially when they remain patient and allow one to two years to fully heal.

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