Breast Augmentation Without Implants

To be organic or not to be organic?  This may sound likeRehenke Breast Procedures Augmentation a silly question when it comes to breast augmentation, but organic breast implants, also known as fat grafting to the breast, is what more and more women are turning to in order to enhance their breasts without having to go the implant route.  This technique is a great alternative to breast implants.  Fat grafting allows women to enhance size and shape, keep the natural look and feel of their breasts, and completely remove the risk of implant leakage, deflation and implant complications.  You also have the added benefit of having a two for one surgery, in which case, liposuction is done to remove fat from an area of your body and transferred to the breast.  This way there is not a foreign object in your body and you will not need to worry about replacing your implants ten years down the road.  Fat grafting is also something Dr.Rehnke has incorporated in his breast reconstruction surgeries.  To find out more information about "going organic" please give the office a call at 727-341-0337 to schedule your consultation with Dr.Rehnke.

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