The first region of the face to show signs of aging are the eyes.  As collagen and skin begin to loosen and gravity takes over, eye lids begin to droop and bag.


A major contributing factor in aging around the eyes is drooping, or what we call ptosis, of the forehead and brow along with mid face ptosis. Brow ptosis causes excess skin of the upper lids, which goes away when you lift your eye brows in a surprised expression. One of the simplest and most powerful procedures in plastic surgery is an upper eye lid tuck (blepharoplasty). An ellipse of skin is removed, as well as a strip of muscle and orbital fat in some cases,with the resulting scar hiding in the upper lid fold. In more severe cases this is combined with a brow lift.

Lower lid tucks are best when combined with a mid face lift; they are performed together in almost every case in my practice. An incision hides directly below the lash line of the lower lid and tapers off into smile lines by the corner of the eye. Through this entry point we operate below the squinting muscle of the lower eyelid and into the upper cheek. The muscle of this region (orbicularis occuli), and the cheek fat that sits on top of it, are pulled up with a fine suture and anchored to the side of the boney orbital rim. This has an almost  magical rejuvenating affect on, not only the lower eye lid, but also the cheek. One of the most important signs of a naturally youthful face is a tight and short lower lid that blends seamlessly into a tight full cheek- that is precisely what a mid face lift accomplishes.

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