The LOTUS™ Breast Implant is a revolutionary alternative to both silicone and saline breast enhancement surgery. Developed by Dr. Rehnke, this procedure makes use of your own body's tissue growth, structured by a LOTUS™ mesh scaffold that is placed behind the breast gland. The result is added volume of new patient tissue and a perkier projection of the breast.


The LOTUS™ implant consists of a mesh structure, custom designed, engineered, and produced according to each patient's specific needs and physical requirements. This structure acts as a scaffold or trellis for the ingrowth of the patient's own production of cells and tissues, resulting in volume and projection without the need for silicone or saline implants. Over the course of a year,  microscopic analysis reveals the healthy integration of connective tissue, blood vessels, and healthy fat tissue within the layers of the scaffold. Click here for detailed documentation on LOTUS™ Breast Implants.



Unfortunately, there are a few issues patients must contend with when opting to choose silicone or saline implants. 

  1. The human body can not integrate with silicone. Because of this, the body isolates the implant in a collagen scar tissue capsule.  The characteristics of this capsule vary from very thin and elastic, to thick, inelastic, and tight. Each case leads to breast deformity.  If the capsule is too elastic, the weight of the implant can stretch out the shape of the breast causing it to sag and loose its fullness. This is known as "bottoming out".  If the capsule is thick, tight, and inelastic (known as "capsular contracture") can lead to a hard breast that may have an un-natural and asymmetric shape. Breasts with capsular contracture are oddly high and seem to defy gravity.
  2. The risk of infection or extrusion (a breaking down of the tissue covering an implant) are concerning and regular problems with silicone implants.  Thin patients with weak tissue often have to deal with implants that can be visibly seen through the skin.
  3. For some patients, the idea of a permanent foreign implant in one's body is unnerving.
  4. And finally, all silicone and saline implants eventually wear out and rupture, requiring their removal and replacement.

The LOTUS ™ scaffold was invented in response to all these issues to provide patients with an alternative to saline or silicone breast implant.

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