Micro Needling with RF |The INFINI System


So, it's no surprise that as I approach my 54th birthday I see an older looking version of myself staring back at me in the mirror each morning. It's odd to be an "expert" on the subject of facial aging, and then have it actually happen to me! As a surgeon, I know what I would do if I could operate on myself, but of course I can't do that. Maybe that's why I became so interested in micro needling with radio frequency, a new non-surgical treatment.


I first heard about this technology about a year ago while at the American Society of
Aesthetics, Plastic Surgeons annual conference in Montreal. A well respected surgeon, Dr.Dan Del Vec­chio, was excited about the INFINI system from Lutronic, a system that uses 49, thirty-four gauge (the smallest needle I've ever seen), gold, insulated needles to bypass the epidermis and deliver radio frequency energy into the targeted dermis. The computer controls the energy level and duration of dermal coagulation. About one third of the dermis is affected by one session with the INFIIINI, and most patients require two to three treatments to obtain an optimal result.

After a year of researching, I decided to invest in the Lutronic system and did what any brave doctor, dedicated to research, would have done: made one of my office staff and anes­theiologist guinea pigs, experiencing the treatment first. A few days later I tried it myself.

Our nurse practitioner treated my face and neck with the  INFNNNI system, as prescribed by Lutronic. Covering my skin with a strong topical anesthetic first, she then treated the face and neck with three different settings for deep, mid, and superficial dermis (please see the above animation). The needles were so small that, once the topical anesthetic was placed,  I could scarcely feel them during or immediately post treatment even with three passes over my full face and neck.  What I could feel was the RF electricity turning on and off. This did hurt in the more sensitive central areas of the face, which prompted us to add injections of local anesthetic nerve blocks to the key sensory nerves of the face as procedure protocol. Don't worry if  you are a wimp, our anesthesiologist is available for light anesthesia if you would like her help.

INFINI Before and After Dr. Rehnke
Recovery from the treatment is two to three days of looking like you have a sun burn which can be easily camouflaged with make-up the day after treatment. You may have some slight bleeding during the treatment if, like me, you forget to stop your aspirin 10 days before. This is not dangerous, but may cause some slight bruising (see video above).

Recently I spoke on the phone with Dr. Steven Weiner, a colleague who has performed almost 2,000 INFINI treatments in his North Florida practice. He commented that it is exciting to have a non·surgical treatment that gives results similar to surgical outcomes in many patients. I'm pleased with the outcome of my first treatment, and am excited to see the cumulative results when I complete my program by the end of spring.

Stay tuned! I will be posting all my photos.  🙂